Thursday, December 8, 2011

Isaac turns 3

ok- so it has been a long time since I have posted. Isaac turned 3 on 10/14/11 and we celebrated his party on 10/23 at Chuckee Cheese. After having Asher, that is the soonest I get throw a party together. It was so important to me that we celebrated his birthday. I just can't believe that he is 3 already.
He loved his party and was so excited to celebrate with his little friends. He was not at all scared of the singing, the attention, or the ticket booth. He loved it all. He loves to party- that trait comes from his parents :)
Here is his personality: He is very outgoing, not at all shy. He talks a lot and loves guns, trucks, and the lake. He talks about his boat all the time. I do get worried because he will visit with strangers and talk to them like they are his friends. He does well at puzzles and loves to ride his bike and his gator. He is not into books a ton - we try to get him intersted but he has a hard time sitting still to read. He still gets "annoyed" if we sing to his movies and will tell us that he "does not like that." He eats really well for only being 33 pounds. He loves fruits and vegetables. He also loves Micky Donalds (McDonalds :) He can count to 20 and is starting to recognize his colors. We think that he may be left handed because he does a lot of stuff with his left head. He was even shooting the gun that papa Dale bought him with his left hand. He does so much more that I can't even think of it all right now. He says the funniest, cute things too. It has truly been amazing. I love every second of my little 3 year old and cherish this time.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Welcome Home

On 10/5/11 at 12:35pm we welcomed our second son to this world. His name is Asher Michael and he was 8 pounds 10 oz and 20 inches long. It was a scheduled c-section so I anticipated an easy delivery. I did have a little scare. I did have some minor heart trouble and spent about 4 hours in the PACU. The cardiologist tells me it was more of a precaution and my heart rate was never at a dangerous level. It did scare me however. For those that have an increase heart sort a feels like you are going in cardiac arrest. Not to be dramatic! :) I remember experiencing the same thing during the delivery of Isaac but passed it off to be anxiety. The doctors tell me if I have another c-section..I will likely experience the same thing. I was pretty much out of it for the first 24 hours after delivery and poor Devin had to take care of both me and Asher! He did a great job though and was very attentive! Not to mention looked very cute in his scubs. He is going to kill me when he reads this...ahahah :)

Now on to the good news. Both Asher and I are doing wonderfully. He is such a chub and eats every 2 hours. He reminds me a lot of Isaac...just a lot bigger. He is such an easy going baby. He has a ton of hair but it is not as black as Isaac's.I was relieved when the doctors told me he was a boy because I was convinced that the ultra sound was wrong and he was going to some out a she. Mainly because the way that I carried Asher...very different from the way I carried Isaac. Devin told me that I was crazy when I wanted to come up with a girl name...just incase.

Isaac loves his baby brother and gives him kisses all the time. He is a little aggressive and we have to remind him to be gentle around the baby often. My parents were here to take care of Isaac while we were in the hospital. Poor kid did not get what was happening. He asked my parents "where are my mommy and daddy going to live?" His first reaction to Asher was "she has a penis like me!" Then Devin's mom came to take care of us on the second week. Isaac loves his grandparents and tells me that he misses all of them now that all the family has gone home. A special thanks to all of our family members for taking such good care of us!
We had to celebrate Isaac's birthday late...last Sunday. I will gets some pictures and Isaac updates soon.